Monday, February 3, 2014

Bold lips

Who doesn't love a bold lip! I absolutely love the ombré lip and how it turned out. I'm using Mac Nightmoth lip pencil with Mac diva lipstick. Since the mac lipstick is matte it is so drying! In a few hours my lipstick looks horrible, makes my lips look so chapped! I found that applying lip balm (I use the Nivea lip butters) then a creamy lipstick like the YSL preferably a nude in this photo I used no'2. And vaaa laa!

I also love thick eyebrows! I have gotten a few girls saying they don't like it but I don't care I love it! I will be doing a post on how I do my eyebrows soon!



Ahh 2014! Hopefully big things will happen this year! I miss blogging, I am focusing on getting in shape before summer right now. But spring is coming and I have a lot of cute outfits I want to show!
Anyways! Happy New year. 

I actually bought my dress on Dec 31. So last minute. It was the last one in my size I had to squeeze in it, it was so tight! I fell inlove with it reminded me of a Barbie dress. I got it from Nordstrom Topshop. Perfect New Year dress!

I wore it with sparkly flats also from topshop. It was freezing out and so many people in downtown!


Sunday, December 8, 2013

Winged liner

Hey Loves! I'm excited for the Holidays! Here's a winged liner look I did awhile back. Very simple yet still a beautiful look for going out.

Products used:
Armani luminous silk foundation, Hoola Bronzer, Milani blush, Eyes all shadows from naked pallette, Anastasiya brow wiz in soft brown, Mac fluid line in Blacktrack and ysl black liner over it to make it more bold. I used Ysl angled liner brush. Lips Ysl in nude beige #2, mascara Loreal Teloscopic with another mascara don't remember which one. 


Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fall make up and OOTD!

Hello my loves, sorry I haven't been updating I've been so busy with work! And I haven't gotten a chance to work on my blog at all. Here's a quick look for Fall.

Makeup used:
Face: Hourglass Primer, Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, YSl touché éclat, Mac Prolongwear concealer, Banana Powder to set concealer, Hoola Bronzer, and Mac blush in Style.

Eyes: Mac Painpot in Painterly, Sigma shadows with the Urban decay naked pallette (naked, buck and virgin) . Mac lashes in 7, Mac zoom lash mascara, Liquid crystal gold liner by NYX, YSL eye pencil, and Sephora liner in Nano.

Eyebrows: Anastasiya Brow wiz in Soft Brown and the clear gel to set.

Brushes used: Sigma, Mac and Real Techniques. 

Lips: Mac lipstick in Diva. 

Fur vest and sweater from Nordstrom. Pants from A&Fitch. Shoes from Zara. Sunnies from NastyGal. 

You can see all these photos on my Instagram. @AngelikaOfficial 


Saturday, July 20, 2013

Toning blonde hair

I just ordered some new extensions recently since my old ones are ruined already. The ones I ordered are platinum blonde but they're way too yellow compared to my hair. I have posted about how I tone my hair, so this post will be on how I tone my extensions. 

NOTE: This is only for 100% remy human hair extensions. You cannot do this on synthetic hair.

Things you'll need:
•Your extensions
•Volume cream developer 5 
•Permanent cream hair color in UTP
•Hair tie
•Whisk and bowl to mix in
•Shampoo and conditioner 
•Hair dryer

First you tie your hair extensions together it makes it easier this way. Then put about 1 oz (depending how long and thick your extensions are) of the UTP in the bowl. I'm gonna do 1 1/2 oz since my hair extensions are 22in long. Then I pour the developer in, I don't measure how much I put in but an estimated guess would be about 1oz. Mix with the whisk until its all creamy like the photo below and no chunks in it. These are brand new extensions I haven't worn them yet. I usually only tone them once out of their whole life which is probably a little over a year. Depends how much I wear them and how I take care of them. 

After I mix the products I start from the top where the hair tie is and rub the toner  in between the hair down to the ends. Make sure you get all the hair, you don't want spots yellower than others. 

I leave the toner in for about 20-30 min, to get all the yellow out. I put them in my bathtub and let them sit there. After about 20-30 min wash the toner out with water until there's no trace of toner left in the hair. I then wash them with shampoo and conditioner as I would with my own hair. Keep watch for your extensions you may need to keep the toner in for less time and if you keep it in too long your hair may turn grey.

After you've washed them squeeze out any excess water and use a towel lightly pat them dry (don't rub them with a towel, that'll make them frizzy.) Take out the hair tie and separate them. Your extensions will be tangled so use your fingers to untangle as much as you can then with a comb, to comb out your hair extensions. I put moroccan oil in them, that's optional. After you've detangled them set them on a dry towel and use a blow dryer to dry them. I blow dry by sections. I use a paddle brush when I blow dry them.

All done. Now you can style them how ever you desire. 

Hope this helps, if you have brown extensions with highlights you can do this as well so they aren't as yellow or orange. 


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Go to look!

I just got back from a little trip. And wanted to show you guys one of the looks I did.

Products I used:
First for foundation I used Armani Luminous Silk in shade 5.75 with a flattop kabuki F80 by Sigma. For bronzer I used Mac pressed powder to contour with a small eyeshadow brush right under my cheek bone and the sides of my nose. 

After I apply Nars Laguna bronzer with a sigma small contour brush on my forehead, my temples, cheeks, and my jawline. I then used Nars luminizer in Albatross on my cheekbones just above where I applied my bronzer.

I use concealer after my foundation, I used Bobbi Brown corrector in Porcelain Peach just under the eyes where you would normally get dark spots; I applied this with my finger. Then I applied Mac Pro longwear concealer in shade Nc20. I apply this down the bridge of my nose, on my forehead, my chin, and from my eyes I apply it down to my cheekbone if that makes sense. Its kind of hard to explain how I highlight and contour. I used a beauty blender for my concealer only.

I then do my eyeshadow. Lastly I apply YSL Touché Éclat in shade 2 where i applied concealer. To set that I used Banana powder by Ben Nye with a setting brush by real techniques. 

For eye shadow I used Mac paint pot  in Painterly for a base. The eyeshadows I used were Surrender, Command and Publicize by Sigma with Mac and Sigma eyeshadow brushes. 

For my eyebrows I used Anastasia brow wiz in Soft Brown and Benefits Brow  Zing. To set I used Anastasia clear brow gel. I don't really like thin eyebrows, so I decided so make mine thicker than usual. 

-My eyebrows grow really fast and they are long also so I have to trim them a little but this time I just brushed them up and filled them in then set them in place. Basically how I got them to be more thick.

To finish the eyes I used  L'oreal Telescopic and Voluminous curved brush  mascaras. For my eye liner I used Kat Von Tattoo liner in Trooper. I also applied white eyeliner on my bottom water line by Sephora in Nano

I then apply my false lashes I used Mac lashes in 7 with Duo glue in the dark tone. (Sadly I lost my mac lashes on my trip after I took them off) they were gorgeous definitely going to buy another pair!

                            My lashes

Lastly, I used L'oreal lip liner in Timeless coral and YSL lipstick in 24. I don't use lipgloss, I don't like the glossy look and lipgloss just feels sticky to me. 

I actually did not set my foundation just my eyes. This is how I normally do my makeup, except I don't usually wear falsies. I always always highlight and contour. It may seem like a lot but I love the way it turns out! 


-You can find most of these photos on my instagram. @AngelikaNatalia

{I love my coffee, I drink at least two cups a day, I try not to because its not good to have too much caffeine but I'm a coffee addict}

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Nivea Lip Butters

I recently got my hands on a much-raved-about set of Nivea Lip Butters and just had to share them with you! They are fairly new, I believe they came out this year. I used to never have chapped lips until after my braces. Now I'm constantly applying Chapstick. Ugh I know Chapstick does not help your lips. I have tried so many different lip balms. From highend to drugstore. 

I mentioned a few months ago about Lamer lip balm, ranging around $50-60.  I was so excited about this lip balm, thinking since their moisturizers are so amazing their lip product must be as well. Unfortunately it did not help with my chapped lips. 

A few weeks ago I was shopping at Target and saw Nivea's lip butters. The three flavors I chose are Caramel Cream Kiss, Raspberry Rose Kiss, and Vanilla Macadamia Kiss. They are colorless on the lips. I don't mind that they come in a pot, some people don't like it because its not very sanitary. 

The Raspberry Rose Kiss is probably the most loved out of all the flavors.  It smells exactly like fresh raspberries and roses. The formula is rich and almost becomes addicting to reapply throughout the day. I love the way the lip butter actually softens my lips and soaks into them, unlike other lip butters which just sit on top of the lips. Overall, these are a must have!